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Natalia Horecna


Welcome to my website.

Dear Friends.

It is really nice to welcome you and how very fine that you are listing now through my humble bubbly website. Welcome.

The decision to create it, came out of a simple wish of giving you a possible general overview of the activities,  with all the amazing people that I am so honoured to share the time with. On stage. Off stage. ..

Over the years I truly realise that it is harder and harder to put the feelings into the words, and so I would love to spare all from any long writing.
Perhaps only, I would just like to say, to invite you to the performances, because it is so lovely to meet there and share the time together.

To me, choreographing, dance in general, working together means, to free ourselves, create in that notion, fall in Love with what is, and possibly to also, from within gently explore the subject of the “unconditional". Of course we all know too well that this isn’t always an easy journey, but therefore one enriching, one that always feels like growing.. and it always feels so nice to smile at each other - this feeling of knowing that we are in all this, together.
To me dance and our communication through this form feels sweet, joyous, appreciative, language of souls, where Love can just be, shared, and love.. :)

This really feels as the co-creating at its …

Thank you.

2014 - Natalia is nominated and wins the Award in category "Best Young Choreographer" by The Vladimir Malakhov Foundation 'Taglioni European Ballet Award'.

Natalia's Cover Apprearances

2017 - Bratislava - Slovakia // “Romeo and Juliet, As Far Apart As Yesterday” is nominated for the Slovakian National Theater Award “Dosky 2017”, in category : "Exceptional Creative Contribution in Art of Dance “
Choreography and libretto : Natalia Horecna. Conductor : Mr. Peter Breiner
Coproduction of Finnish National Ballet and Slovakian National Ballet.
Artistic Directors : Mr. Kenneth Greve, and Mr. Jozef Dolinsky.

2017 - Natalia on the cover of the "Dancing in Slovakia” / annual edition 2016 by the Slovakian National Theater.

2016 - Natalia on the cover of magazine 'Tanec' / Edition 2016

2015 - Natalia on the cover of magazine 'Tanec' / first issue 2015

2014 - Natalia on the Cover of Tanz Magazine / February 2014 Issue 

2012 - Invited to the State Banquet, hosted by Her Majesty Queen of the Netherlands, in honor of His Excellency the President of the Slovak Republic.

2012 - Tanz Jahrbuch One of the choreographers of the year.


Thank you Firma Webbol, Frank de Hek, Ricardo Oedietram, Dicky and Harmen, Olivier, Daisy Komen, Erwin Olaf, Willem van den Heuvel, Terry Riley, Nederlands Dans Theater, Holger Badekow en Loes Schakenbos